Review excerpts: 

"Almost everyone knows who Heart is and you probably have a favourite of one or more songs, but have you heard of Heart By Heart? January 10th Heart By Heart gave a spectacular performance at The Historic Everett Theatre in Everett, WA.

Heart By Heart is made up of founding member of Heart and Hall of Famer Steve Fossen on bass and original member of Heart and Hall of Famer Mike Derosier on drums, also featuring Legendary guitarist and THE BEST Jimi Hendrix tribute artist Randy Hansen, Radio personality and talented musician Bob Rivers on keyboards, musical virtuoso Lizzy Daymont on guitar and vocals, and Northwest's extremely gifted vocalist Somar Macek."

"As much as I enjoyed Heart's revised version of Dog and Butterfly in concert when I saw them last year, I yearned to hear the studio version live. Lizzy Daymont (Heart By Heart) strapped the acoustic guitar around her shoulder and began to gently strum the opening chords to, "Dog and Butterfly," the way it was done originally. Lizzy being the newest member of Heart By Heart and the key that fits perfectly in the band, really showed her skills on the acoustic guitar. She played the instrument so well that the acoustic sound traveled up front and was the focus of the song, as it should be. Everyone stood up, confirming what I was thinking, this band is BRILLIANT!

Looking up at the stage, seeing the players interact with each other and looking around at the audience smiling and dancing, I realized that the band was having just as much fun as we were! It's super cool to watch Lizzy Daymont and Randy Hansen trade off on solos and harmonize on guitars! "Love Alive" was a perfect example of how well Lizzy and Randy play together! I've been a Randy Hansen fan for a long time and I follow him around probably more than I should (wink), but Randy brings not only his gift of musical talent to Heart By Heart, he brings his charm and lively stage presence." 
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Jill Maciel, Classic Rock Radio 


Article Excerpts:

Lizzy Daymont fills big shoes touring, playing guitar, and harmonizing in Heart by Heart, the new project from Hall of Fame Members Steve Fossen and Mike Derosier, original members of Heart. Her guitar choices have been influenced by both (rock) gods and friends.

"All of my favorite musicians have influenced my guitar choices, including guitarists Jimmy Page, Alex Lifeson, Steve Howe, and Howard Leese. Bassists Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, and John Paul Jones have also been influential on me. I’m also influenced by musicians that I know personally and work with. I love to talk gear with my peers, and learn what they like and how they approach their setups."

Guitar instructors and mentors, and friends and family who have been playing longer than you, are probably the best sources to start with when it comes to finding a guitar. Not only do they know music and instruments, they know at least a little about you and your style.

Lizzy Daymont uses a variety of instruments for a variety of sounds.

"My first guitar was an old Kay acoustic. It originally belonged to my mother, and sat by the piano in our home when I was growing up. I played my first chord on it when I was nine years old. It was not an easy guitar to play, and I had to work pretty hard at it to improve my skills. Now, I am playing a 2002 Taylor 714ce acoustic, a 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 2014 Les Paul Axcess Alex Lifeson signature, and a 2001 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24."

Musician's Friend/The HUB 


Heart By Heart wins over Heritage Fair audience Friday night

The audience for the Heritage Fair’s featured act on Friday night was smaller than usual; apparently, many people changed their plans when the original performers, Crack the Sky, had to cancel due to an injury to one of the band members. 

Their loss. 

The replacement band, Heart By Heart, flew in from Seattle on short notice and put on an outstanding show. 
Outstanding in a “close your eyes  and listen and you could believe it was Ann and Nancy Wilson up there performing” during certain songs sort of way. 

Heart by Heart calls itself a Heart “spin-off” band, as it includes two of the band’s original members: drummer Mike Derosier and bassist Steve Fossen.... (read more) 

Bill Gates, Dundalk Eagle, Baltimore MD 


Article Excerpts: 

"Lizzy Daymont, another Seattle guitar veteran, grew up a Nancy Wilson fan and already knew many Heart songs by — well, by heart. She knew Fossen from past encounters, but at the time was playing for a different band that had been asked to open for Heart By Heart at a show at the Tulalip Casino. 

Daymont was excited to hear Heart By Heart play and stayed after her set to listen to the band, where Fossen and Derosier took note of her singing along with every song. Shortly after they asked her to audition as a guitarist and someone who could sing harmony with Macek." (read more)

Ric Hallock, Kitsap Sun, Gig Harbor WA 


Personal Testimonials 

"Lizzy Daymont is a musician of extraordinary ability. Great tone, solid feel, and comfortable in any genre. A consummate player I enthusiastically recommend."
- Paul Speer, Emmy award winning producer, composer, musician, engineer 

"Lizzy Daymont is an outstanding bass player with an instinctive feel for what is musically appropriate. These talents, combined with her great attitude and vibe, make her a musician who would be an indispensable asset to any recording or live situation".
- Simon Hanhart, producer and engineer (Marillion, Asia, Yngwie Malmsteen) 

"Lizzy is a terrific bassist - great lines, great sounds, most important; an excellent sense of what and when to play. I had a chance to 'steal' some of her bass lines myself."
- Tony Levin, bassist with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, and many others 

"Lizzy is a fantastic bass player, and I don't have to be Tony Levin to tell you that, or for you to believe me when I say it. Some players in this world are very good at being Note Activators when they pick up an instrument; the very best players combine the ability to Activate Notes Correctly with prodigious musicality. Lizzy is one of these; and the difference between these two groups is gigantic."
- Shawn "Yogi" Farley, Guitarist, songwriter and vocalist with Half Zaftig 

"Working with Lizzy has always been easy and effortless. She has always been professional and her capabilities as a musician are extremely rare if not unmatched. She has helped us out in many situations where time was an issue, sometimes performing entire sets with only one rehearsal and performing them flawlessly. Highly recommended!"
- Dan Teisan, guitarist and songwriter for Late September Dogs 

"Lizzy has done a great job on the Susan Robkin recording project; not only as a bassist, but also as a musical contributor in the broadest sense."
- Elliott Randall, producer, Steely Dan guitarist and worldwide touring performer 

"Of all the bassists I’ve worked with, Lizzy is one of the best by far. Give her any bass part or bass run for your tune and she'll nail it. She is what I’d call 'every guitarist’s bassist.' I always feel confident knowing that Lizzy's bass is right there laying down the foundation – the groove, the rhythm – for my solos to fly. She's just spectacular. If I ever put together another musical project, Lizzy would always be my first choice to play bass in it."
- Primo Pulanco, guitarist, composer (Lyranthe, Charlie Drown) 

"Not many people can be good enough to surpass their gender in their art, Lizzy is that exception. A powerful player, sexy and outstanding performer, she is way beyond the "female bass player" status. She is easy going, open minded and hard working but yet, can still manage to hang with Egotistical Dirty Rockstars. A great role model for upcoming musicians."
-Charlie Drown, vocalist, songwriter, performer, producer

"Lizzy has been an amazing substitute bassist for us. The band doesn't miss a beat when she fills in, and it's as if we've been playing together for years! No looking over our shoulders or cueing transitions, Mister Miyagi can play up to 40 song nights and she's always spot on. Lizzy's an amazing talent and we get lots of compliments from the crowd. If we didn't already have a great, well-established bassist, we'd hire her in a second."
- Mister Miyagi, Seattle 80's cover band